williamstown 2

Usually on a cold wintry day I need no excuse to stay inside in the warm. Today was different.  We spent a lovely morning ambling along black rocks in the wind and squally rain along the sea front at Williamstown.  It was an area where dogs are allowed to be off leash and Billie relished this chance to sniff and run to her heart’s content. Of course she got wet and muddy and tried to drink the ocean, like she always does.  I loved having the sea wind blowing into my face. The closeness of the sky  and the bleakness of the weather made me feel isolated, in a good, a welcome way.  Afterwards we went around to The Strand and feasted on fish and chips with the city of Melbourne as our back drop.  I almost bought a green scarf – with birds on it.  But I decided it was really mostly the colour green I liked and I had some fabric that colour, I could make myself one.

williamstown 3

When I have been to Williamstown in the past it has been in the summer.  It is a different place then. Today it was moody, and romantic and I could imagine myself living here.

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