November Slow Living Monthly Nine

agapanthus bud

Here it is almost mid December but I do want to record some things about November. For the second month in a row I am pleased to be joining in with Linda from Greenhaven with the Slow Living Monthly Nine, begun by Christine in 2012. I’m really glad to have these categories, like goals, in my mind each month, even when I dont quite fulfill them.


kale pumpkin and pomegranate salad

This salad was enjoyed at least once a week in November.  It is made of roast pumpkin, kale and pomegranate and has a dressing of 3T olive oil, 1T apple cider vinegar, 1 T maple syrup and 1 T Dijon mustard.  We enjoyed freshly squeezed orange juice most mornings.  And poached eggs many mornings.  Our breakfast used to be yoghurt, berries and seeds but once it dawned on me that this was very portable we started taking it for lunch.  Then I experimented and made lots of different things for breakfast.  Some more successful than others but I’ve got a bit boring, as poached eggs are so quick, easy and delicious.  I’m still trying to improve oven baked sweet potato chips for Friday night ‘Fish and Chips’. They usually taste good but I’d love to be able to get them nice and crispy.


front door

On the last Friday in November we collected the keys to our little house in the country and then spent the weekend ‘camping’ in it.  Throughout the month I collected cutlery and crockery and other bits and pieces for the house.

I also had all of my Christmas present shopping completed before the end of the month.  Probably meant I missed all the pre-Christmas sales. Never mind, it was a lot more fun taking time to plan and purchase.


books for op shop

Just a browse of my bookshelves to gather a pile I’ve read and can now  donate to the op shop.


spring flowers

Cant think of anything accomplished in this category this month


sprouts 2

Had sprouts on the go most of the month.  It has been years since I did this.  Quinoa was the first I tried.  And this was a disaster.  I havent tried them again but I think my mistake was leaving them uncovered – exposed to light in the first few days. I watched a few youtube videos and then used alfalfa and chickpea seeds.  These have all been successful. The warmer weather meant that the seeds  grew quickly.  So, I am confident to give quinoa another go.


cats pj's

This month I made the ‘cat’s pyjamas’ for me.  I couldnt resist the cute fabric. It is quilting cotton and has made lovely cool pj bottoms.  Also this month I made a dress, top and gathered shorts for a little girl’s first birthday.  Didnt think to take any photos before I wrapped them up and gave them away.


lake wendouree

I ‘discovered’ Lake Wendouree.  Circumstance meant that I had a morning to fill in at Ballarat.  I have only ever driven through here on my way somewhere else and had never been to the Lake.  Billie (the dog) LOVED it!  Although I couldnt let her off, the extending lead allowed her to swim, paddle and put the wind up a few ducks.  Not the swans though.  I saw one giving Billie the eye. She saw it too and knew to leave well enough alone.  It was a beautiful end of spring day and we spent a very pleasant few hours strolling around the lake, taking a rest under trees every now and then to consider ‘the state of the world’.

Ramona-KovalWEB_Size4                           Desaix_600_dpi-2_Size4

The Wheeler Centre really enhanced my November.  What a fantastic venture this is!  It truly expands my world and gives much that enlivens my mind.  I went one day to hear Ramona Koval interview Robert Dessaix about his new book, What Days are For. Gosh, it was good.  They are always good to listen to, and especially good together.  Ramona asks brilliant questions. Robert says enticing things. Their conversation was funny, interesting and illuminating.  I look forward to reading the book.  The video of the interview is here

That’s the other amazing thing The Wheeler Centre does – not just have fascinating conversations with writers, which are often free but then sometimes, makes that conversation available to watch.  I had been unable to attend the evening when the Chaser’s Julian Morrow interviewed David Walsh (of MONA fame) I was surprised and so so delighted to find it online. I have watched this three times now and will probably do so a few more times yet.  David is amazing – quirky and totally non-conformist.  I am amazed and fascinated by him, inspired too.  There is a lot of uncommon wisdom in what he has to say.  I really like listening to the way he makes sense of the world and i love his uncertainty – or at least acknowledging that he frequently ‘changes his mind’.  That video is here.   Alice Waters, of the Slow Food Movement fame, was another video I enjoyed this month.

I know this category is really about how we, ourselves might contribute to and enhance the community around us.  I am disappointed to say that I cant think of any ways I have done that this month.  A goal for next month?


Harrietville 2

A lovely long weekend early in November was spent at Harrietville.  The village was so pretty, with spring flowers in abundance. Particularly Rhododendrons.  The Ovens River was sparkling and the shady trees inviting.  I sewed, walked, read and watched the whole of the second series of House of Cards. Totally indulgent.  I did cook some delicious healthy meals, as well.  Zucchini pasta, gluten free pizza, among others.

melbourne townhall

I also had a lovely day catching up with a friend in the city.  We had Bing Boy (Urban Asian street food) for lunch.  Notice the parsley growing in the flower boxes near the Melbourne Town Hall, along with Kangaroo Paw and marigolds. Fabulous!

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